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Castro Marim’s Beer

We are proud to be part of such a rich landscape which provides plenty of inspiration and resources to entertain anyone’s imagination. The foundation of our business, much like the massive stones of the castle wall, are expertise, tradition and passion. Our goal is to create an exceptional beverage, not just because we want to, but because we deserve it.

For nearly a thousand years, Senescals have been the bearers of powerful recipes, masters of craft and guardians of extensive royal assets. Finely, it was about time to let some of those secrets resurface blessing our living souls and bringing meaning to our existence. The truth shall set you free as the beer shall quench your thirst.


A land brimming with history

Senescal Brewery is located in the heart of Castro Marim, Eastern corner of the Portuguese Algarve. The Town’s history can be traced back to neolithic times, roman settlements and a flourishing medieval village. After the Knights Templar’s Order dissolution in 1312, most of the remaining brotherhood was absorbed by the recently founded Order of the Knights of Christ and their first headquarters was established in the Town’s Castle. The new order followed the same principles and hierarchy of the Templars. The brewery’s name comes from this heritage as the Senescal was the Grand Master’s right hand, holder of all the keys and secrets, and as some came to believe, the custodian of the Holy Grail. Castro Marim's Castle is figured on our bottles and its silhouette integrates our logo. The drawing depicts an original painting first published around 1510 in The Book of Fortresses (Duarte de Armas). The only part missing nowadays is the tall keep which is no longer standing.

Every summer around the end of August, a popular Medieval Festival blossoms inside the Castle walls. Banquets, performances and historical displays take place on each and every corner and the celebrations spread throughout the village streets and squares creating an authentic medieval market. The whole kingdom gets flooded with tourists, locals and many characters impersonating the medieval way of living, an enchanted journey to a special place somewhere in the past.

History Aficionados ...

... Passionate About the Craft

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Quinta da Cerca
Castro Marim

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Tl: 969 899 201

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