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Cardinal Ale - Religiously Malty

 Our canonical beer, the Cardinal ALE represents the monastic life with its discipline and dedication to a higher cause. It brings to the table a wonderful maltiness, deep ruby colour and just enough hops to make sure you will achieve that sought after inner peace.

Based on British Strong Ale and Abbey styles recipes, this Ruby Ale has a powerful maltiness and a nearly toffee like aftertaste which harmonises very well with its 6.55% ABV. Using a equal proportion of 3 different malts, Red-Aroma-Rye, this beer has a complex but balanced mouth feel with warm woody notes. To maintain the British roots we used East Kent Goldings hops in 3 fases, as bittering hops, late addition and some dry hopping for a fresh and still subtile herbal aroma.


 Ingredients: water, barley, rye, hops and yeast.

6.5% Vol. - IBU 20 - EBC 38

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