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 Creating a fusion of flavours, history and music, our Fado Tropical incorporates the warmth of the tropical weather, the profound Portuguese lyricism and a sensation that resonates on the palate like the smell of the sea that permeates us at the bow of the ship. It reflects that emotion of discovering a new world upon chasing the horizon, while still hearing the wind singing a gentle melody in your mother tongue. Refreshing and fruity poetry, pure heaven on Earth!

 An APA aiming at the whole meaning of America, this time, pointing south to make a S-APA, South American Pale Ale. Through the combination of a local grape only grown in the Algarve, known as Negra Mole, and a spice widely found in South America called Pink Peppercorn, we've established a transatlantic bridge in between Portugal and Brazil. A malt grist to leave no doubt about the original beer ingredient, malted barley, although preparing the receptors for a complex a extraordinary experience. The grape's sweet-earthiness and the refreshing kick of the pink peppercorns are gratefully complemented by the hops of choice, mosaic, which strengthen the correlation aroma-taste for warm, fruity and crisp tang.

Following the trend of our last creations, this is a partnership with a local vineyard called Vinha dos Flamingos. We were lucky enough to find the amazing Negra Mole grape variety growing right here around Castro Marim and some lovely friends cultivating them, nevertheless, we also incorporated the pink peppercorn to bring this recipe to whole new level, beyond borders and oceans!

Fado Tropical - 12 Bottles

VAT Included
  • 5.6%Vol. - IBU 20 - EBC 13.8

    Ingredients: water, malted barley, negra mole grapes, pink peppercorn, hops and yeast.

    Energy values: 49.4 kcal / 206.9 kj (100ml)

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