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Lager Delight - Bohemian Carob Lager

 Celebrating great friendships, partnerships and precious moments between loved ones, LAGER Delight is a smooth beer to be enjoyed with affection, it has a remarkable balance between malt and noble hops and the slightly sweet flavor from the carob. It's like the Bohemian fresh air meeting the Mediterranean sunshine!

 In this almost typical Bohemian Lager we use a single malt to give its colour and flavour, a moderate addition of Centennial hops at the beginning of the boil to give the necessary bitterness and two later additions of Saaz noble hops to provide a delicate aroma. For the next phase, we chose a specific lager-style yeast that enables the all-important low-temperature fermentation. However, the supreme difference was the addition of carob pods at the beginning of the preparation to allow the extraction of its sweet flavor and capture the characteristic aroma, but still maintaining the beer's light color and delicate appearance.

 This beer was born from the influence of 3 very important friendships and collaborations: it started as a posthumous tribute to the great friend and “Landlord” Peter Darby, whose knowledge about beer and passion for serving “a proper pint” were fundamental to plant the seed that one day would become Senescal Brewery, the culinary expertise of dear Jossy (The American Burger) who suggested the elaboration of a beer with local carob and finally, the partnership with friends Dinis and Pi from Mercearia Meio-limão who provided the organic carob harvested here very close to where our beers are produced. A toast to friendship!!!

 Ingredients: water, barley, carob, hops and yeast.

5% Vol. - IBU 19 - EBC 6


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