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Mistic Brew - Fig Dunkel

 Alluding to the magical powers of Nature and its sacred symbols Mystic Brew was materialized through supreme alchemy with the transmutation of raw materials with the essence of the tree of wisdom. We use fig, this mythological fruit, which was naturally dried in the sun to brew a phenomenal beer.


 This Fig Dunkel is a dark lager with the traditional lager smoothness and a nice balance of maltiness and those overtones from sun-dried figs. A stronger beer to be enjoyed slowly while you're embraced with that feeling of plenitude. The chosen hops are the best from the crop Ekuanot to get the bitterness, flavour and aroma, but not too much so the fig earthy sweetness can surface nicely.


 Our moreish beer is the result of a collaboration between Senescal Brewery and Quinta da Fornalha, a local producer of organic figs.

 Ingredients: water, barley, figs, hops and yeast.

7% Vol. - IBU 20 – EBC 60

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