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Templar Stout - Smoky Goodness

 Honouring the Templar Knight’s bravery and loyalty to their Order, the Templar STOUT is a vigorous dark beer with a subtle smokiness and a satisfying aftertaste a of a mission accomplished. It is infused with memories from the age of chivalry when it would be relished after a long day at the battlefield.


 A very dark Irish style beer combining a variety of roasted malts, but offering a peculiar aftertaste thanks to a generous addition of smoked barley. To complement this exquisite flavour identity we carefully chose a combination of two hops, Goldings-Fuggles, to offer a balanced bitterness to contrast with those dark malty sugars. Furthermore, this hops combination also creates an interesting minty aroma for a rewarding Stout tasting experience.

 Ingredients: water, barley roasted and smoked, hops and yeast.

4.7% Vol. - IBU 25 - EBC 77

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