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 Following the Trappist monks tradition we created this punchy, winter warmer spiced beer. Combining the symbology of the Three Magi, also referred as The Wise Man or the Three Kings, and the origins of the style Tripel, this beer is an authentic Belgium Pale Ale using a simple but yet robust combination of 3 malts, Belgium abbey ale yeast and 3 spices: noble hops, ginger and cinnamon. Our Tripel Kings, being a strong ale reaching a notorious 8,3% abv, it's a beer to be sipped slowly letting all the flavours gently stimulate your senses.


 From the lovely fruity esters formed during fermentation, the subtle bitterness from those noble hops and the warm and complex kick offered by the ginger and cinnamon you have at your reach our most christmassy drink. Because when it's festive season there is nothing better than a special brew to celebrate and enjoy those great moments with your kindred and acquittances.

8,3% Vol. - IBU 28 - EBC 12.8

Tripel Kings
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