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Merging history, tradition and dedication, we at Senescal Brewery strive to follow the Opus Magnum of the Grand Masters by choosing the highest quality ingredients to create recipes that transcend space and time. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we look for the original elixir and embrace this craft as our vocation.

Beer at its finest, with body, mind and soul.

Historia, Castro Marim
Portão Casterlo de Castro Marim


We are proud to be part of this rich scene that offers immense inspiration and varied resources to entertain anyone's imagination and fantasy. The foundations of our company, like the solid stones of the castle wall, are experience, tradition and passion. Our goal is to create an exceptional drink, not just because we want to, but because we deserve it.

For nearly a thousand years, the Senescal was keeper of powerful revenues, master of the office, and guardian of extensive royal assets. Finally, it was time to let some of these secrets resurface, blessing our souls and bringing meaning to our existence. The truth will set you free like beer will quench your thirst.


Senescal Brewery is located in the heart of Castro Marim, on the east coast of the Algarve. The city's history can be traced back to Neolithic times, Roman settlements and thriving medieval village. After the dissolution of the Order of the Knights Templar in 1312, most of the brotherhood was absorbed into the newly founded Order of the Knights of Christ and its first headquarters was established in the City Castle. The new order followed the same principles and hierarchy as the Templars. The name of the brewery comes from this heritage, as the "Seneschal" was the Grand Master's right hand man, keeper of all keys and secrets and, as some have come to believe, the keeper of the Holy Grail. Castro Marim Castle with its silhouette integrates our logo. The design depicts an original painting first published around 1510 in the Livro das Fortalezas (Duarte de Armas). The only part missing nowadays is the keep which is no longer present.

Every summer, at the end of August, a very popular Medieval Festival takes place within the castle walls, offering banquets, performances and historical re-enactments. The celebrations spread through the streets and squares of the village creating an authentic medieval market. The whole kingdom is flooded with tourists, locals and many characters embodying the medieval way of life, an enchanted journey to some special place of the past.

Cavaleiro da Ordem



Mestre Cervejeiro


Passionate about the craft, Gabriel Silveira started his journey as a child, he grew up in the Occitan's capital, Toulouse - South France, where his favorite activity was running in between the vineyards of the Laguedoc-Roussillon and castles like Foix, Montsegur, Puivert or the walled village of Carcassonne. In love with history and great tasty food as he grew older he also learned to enjoy good beverages like the wine. Later, in his adulthood, he decided to stretch his life adventure to the British fields, castles and traditional pubs. During the 10 years he lived in the UK he had the chance to tour the whole of Great Britain many times playing in a Folk Band, and it was then when he discovered the vast world of the Real Ale. Eventually he got a full time job in a very traditional Pub specialised in Craft Beer and Cask Ales. His enthusiasm about the Real Ale was evident and the Landlord, Peter Darby, decided to teach him as much as he knew. Within a couple of years Gabriel became fully responsible for all the Pub beers preparation, stock, cellar and equipment maintenance. It is worth mentioning that while he was in charge of the beer upkeep the Pub always received 5 Stars by Cask Marque's independent certification. Searching for yet another horizon, Gabriel decided to move to the Algarve - South Portugal - and in the Historic Village of Castro Marim he founded Senescal Brewery. It was like it all made sense and he managed to combine the local heritage, his own life experiences and the Ale passion in this very meaningful project. Gabriel loves his work and being able to help the growth of the Portuguese craft beer scene by sharing his recipes, discoveries and dedication is a mission he embraces with body, mind and soul.

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