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We are a company founded and established in Castro Marim, however due to most of our raw material not being produced in the Algarve (unfortunately), we wanted to incorporate products of local origin in order to create beers with a more robust regional character, to create a beer essentially Algarvian, authentically Portuguese. That's when the idea of partnering with other local producers arose, certifying the origin and quality of the chosen products and creating a network for sharing knowledge and practices. In a globally structured economy, it is often difficult for the small producer to have some scope and in this way, by creating partnerships and cooperatives, we managed not only to enhance the survival of the small local producer, but also to disseminate products and ideas that could end up being restricted to a purely touristic market. Starting this new adventure of discoveries right at our doorstep, we carefully chose 3 typical cultures of our beloved eastern Algarve - carob, orange and fig - and created 3 distinctive beers, 3 new personalities with the Algarve aroma and Portuguese soul: Lager Delight , Algarvian Sunrise and Mystic Brew. These new partnerships came to fruition with the collaboration of Mercearia Bio Meio-Limão which supplies the organic carob beans harvested in the fields around us, Chef Jossara Martins using her culinary expertise to select and prepare Algarvian orange peels with incredible flavor and aroma and Quinta da Fornalha whose biological figs have already acquired international renown due to their exceptional quality and at last but nor least, Master Innkeeper Carlos do Carmo from Velho Cavalinho Taberna Medieval, great collaborator of Senescal being our first reseller, supplies us with the legendary almonds of the Guadiana valley.

Mercearia Bio Meio-Limão
Chef Jossara Martins
Quinta da Fornalha
Taberna Medieval Velho Cavalinho
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