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From coast to coast, or even better, from continent to continent, this beer is a collection of “summer vibes”! Imagine the sun rising in the East Algarve and going to set on the American West Coast, just like an endless summer. This is an aromatic and refreshing drink with a taste to please the palate and a “Blissful Orange” color to pacify even the most restless soul! Rise up and be ready to relax!

The aroma of this American Pale Ale is a combination of New World hops originally grown on the American West Coast and sweet oranges harvested here in the Eastern Algarve, a balanced selection of pale malts and a good hint of American yeast US-05 for a special character. An APA that mixes the fresh flavor of the American hops with all the incredible properties of the famous oranges from the south of Portugal.

A partnership with Chef Jossara Martins from Jossy's The American Burger uniting exceptional gastronomic expertise and millennial brewing tradition.

Algarvian Sunrise - 12 Bottles

VAT Included
  • A collaboration with Chef Jossara Martins.


    Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, orange peel and yeast.

    4.5% Vol. - IBU 19 - EBC 10


    Energy values: 39.7 kcal / 166.2 kj (100ml)

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