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Our canonical beer the Cardinal ALE,

represents the monastic life with its discipline and dedication to a higher cause. It brings to the table a wonderful malty flavor, deep ruby color and enough hops to give you that much-desired inner peace.

Based on British Strong Ale and Abbey style recipes, this Ruby Ale is vigorously malty with a caramelized aftertaste that pairs beautifully with the 6.5% ABV. In addition to the base grain, we use an equal proportion of 3 different malts, Red-Aroma-Rye, creating a complex yet balanced palate. And to reinforce the British roots we used East Kent Goldings hops.

Cardinal ALE - 12 Bottles

VAT Included
  • Ingredients: water, malted barley, rye, hops and yeast.


    6.5% Vol. - IBU 20 - EBC 38


    Energy values: 64.2 kcal / 268.4 kj (100ml)

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