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Combining two historical medieval references our Old Horsie uses an old Trapist recipe from the XII century found in a Belgian monastery library and the premium almonds famous from the legend of the Moorish king and the Nordic Princess, almonds grown here in the Gadiana Valley. Tasty and strong, still smooth and delicate, like the memories of the northern snow glowing in a beautiful winter sunny day, but right in the middle of the Algarvian hills! Pure joy and fulfilment to
your soul!

Old Horsie it´s a traditional Tripel, a strong Belgian Pale Ale, where we used a simple yet sophisticated combination of 3 malts with interesting aromas to which we added carefully roasted local almonds to bring a gentile roasted-sweet flavour to remind you of some of the best almond tarts found in the traditional Portuguese cuisine. Hops where use in three phases for a subtle bitterness and noble aroma and another generous amount of those lovely roasted almonds where used for ¨dry hopping¨, after the end of the vigorous fermentation of the specially selected Belgian yeast, to give a lasting almody taste that lingers on the palate. A drink for beer and almond lovers!!!

Another amazing local collaboration with our friend and trading partner Velho Cavalinho Taberna Medieval (Old Horsie Medieval Tavern) who shares the passion for good beer, medieval traditions, and of course, almonds! Cheers!!!

Old Horsie - 12 Bottles

VAT Included
  • A Collaboration with Velho Cavalinho Taberna Medieval.

    8,5% Vol. - IBU 27 - EBC 13.2

    Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, almonds and yeast.

    Energy values: 75.9 kcal / 317.6 kj (100ml)

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