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Honoring the Knights Templar's bravery and loyalty to their Order, Templar STOUT is a full-bodied stout with a smoky aroma and the satisfying aftertaste of mission accomplished. Steeped in memories of the Middle Ages, when such a satisfying beer would be enjoyed chilled after a long day on the battlefield.

  A dark beer in the traditional Irish style that incorporates a variety of roasted malts, yet offers a distinctive flavor thanks to the generous addition of smoked barley. To complement this exquisite flavor identity, we have carefully chosen a combination of two hops, Goldings-Fuggles, to deliver a balanced bitterness that contrasts well with the roasted malt sugars. Furthermore, this combination of hops also creates a mild minty aroma that makes for an interesting flavor experience. 

Templar STOUT - 12 Bottles

VAT Included
  • Ingredients: water, malted, roasted and smoked barley, hops and yeast.

    4.7% Vol. - IBU 25 - EBC 77


    Energy values: 44.9 kcal / 187.8 kj (100ml)

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